Take your precision ag skills to the next level

The editors of Corn + Soybean Digest and Farm Futures are putting together an intense two days of precision ag learning and application with the Farm Progress Tech Forum. It’s your chance to learn the latest practices and ideas — overhaul your in-field skills and farm data application and understanding. Here’s our planning schedule – content could be modified. Approved CEU credits for Certified Crop Advisers, Certified Professional Agronomists and Certified Professional Soil Scientists or Soil Classifiers.

Tuesday, November 27

7:00 a.m. - Registration  Enter the conference area by the registration desk and sign in and collect your registration packet. For CEU credits (for Certified Crop Advisers, Certified Professional Agronomists and Certified Professional Soil Scientists or Soil Classifiers): Sign the CEU tracking form at the registration desk in the morning and sign out at the end of the day. Coffee/teas/water/soft drinks available.

8:30 a.m. - Welcome & Mobile App Launch

8:40 a.m. - “Gigabytes of data, but what drives best decisions?”
18.4 Gigabytes collected on one corn plant, out of 3.2 million plants in a 100-acre field! Trey Colley, program manager for Ohio State University’s Precision Ag team, will share this record-setting digital tool and data collection story. You will learn which technologies are most valuable, what are the critical data layers (and hurdles) for corn and soybean production, and how to boost profitability with digital ag technology.

9:20 a.m. – Challenges and Successes in Precision Tech and Data Use Adoption Journey
This panel of farmers and advisors will focus on their different journeys to find the right technology and data to improve a variety of farm decisions. You’ll learn practical insights, challenges, precision tools and how farmers decide, incorporate and judge value for their farm businesses.

  • Kyle Mehmen, general manager, MBS Family Farms
  • Jeremy Wilson, technology specialist, Crop IMS
  • Katie McWhirter, advisor, Premier Crop Systems

10:10 a.m. - Smart Session (Deere)

10:20 a.m. - TRADE SHOW BREAK - Visit sponsors' exhibits and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

10:50 a.m. - Smart Session (Climate Corp)

11 a.m. – Tech@Work Session (sponsored by John Deere)
For the past two years, Farm Progress has followed two farm operations on their tech journey. During a special panel at the Farm Progress Tech Forum you can hear from both families as they share what they’ve learned and how they’re moving ahead. It’s an opportunity to catch up on Kilmer Farms, from Dwight, Ill., and Doug Scott Farms, Sikeston, Mo. This special panel will be moderated by Willie Vogt, who has followed both operations as part of this program.

NOON - LUNCH – “Iron Man, Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture”
Joe Byrum, Chief Data Scientist, Principal Financial Group, spent 11 years with Syngenta, most recently as Senior Global Product Development, prior to joining Principal. Byrum will provide a futuristic, yet realistic view of how augmented intelligence will change the way farmers make decisions, giving them superpowers to help maximize return on investment.

1 p.m. – Future Farm Impact Panel: Ag Tech Investment, Internet of Things and Blockchain
Here’s a power panel trio of ag tech industry experts you won’t want to miss, as the discussion is all about tools that could change the way you farm. Louisa Burwood-Taylor, chief editor of AgFunderNews, will kick off the session by discussing current investment climate in agriculture, hot segments/startups of interest to corn and soybean farmers, and what it could mean to you. Second, John Burton, CEO/Co-founder of UrsaLeo, provides a fascinating look at how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing is changing how you farm. Third, you’ll gain a great understanding of Blockchain, how it is being used in agriculture and beyond, plus emerging issues from Nolin Huddleston of Informa Economics.

2:20 p.m. – Smart Session (Farmers Mutual Hail)

2:30 p.m. – Tech in Action
Chad Colby returns to talk tech, and what he's seeing in the field. His experience and travels will give attendees a unique perspective on how all these new tools can make a difference in your operation.

3:05 p.m. – Smart Session (FMC)

3:15 p.m. – TRADE SHOW BREAK - Visit sponsors' exhibits and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

3:45 p.m. – Value of Farm Benchmarking
Joe Luck, University of Nebraska precision ag specialist, will help you understand the valuable role of benchmarking on your farm. He’ll discuss challenges & opportunities, data quality issues, and dig into some on-farm soybean case studies. Finally, he’ll discuss the Project SENSE study that represents a three-year effort comparing farmers’ nitrogen (N) management practices versus a strategy using crop canopy sensor-based in-season N management.

4:30-6 p.m. - TECH ZONE Future Think Session: Drones, AgTech Startups & Hands-on Ag Tech
In our Tech Zone, we’ll kick it off with a drone value demonstration and hands-on flying with Chad Colby. Next, we’ll feature a unique showcase by the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator program. Connect with innovators and experience an actual farm robot, a drone helicopter sprayer, mobile platform to attract farm workers, next gen solutions to improve swine production and much more. Finally, you’ll experience a special hands-on product showcase from our supporting companies.

6:15 - Dinner banquet

7:15 - Beer & Bull Session
Max Armstrong, legendary and always entertaining farmbroadcaster and co-host of the popular TV show “This Week in AgriBusiness” with Orion Samuelson, will moderate our always popular Beer & Bull Session. You’ll sit with peers, beverages and speakers to discuss different topics. Once again, the session is enhanced by the popular cellphone-based Q&A/instant survey technology that will add to this fun learning environment. Get your burning questions answered by any speaker.

Wednesday, November 28

Breakfast - 6:30 a.m. - Full buffet breakfast in the banquet room. Visit sponsors' exhibits.
CEU credits (for Certified Crop Advisers, Certified Professional Agronomists and Certified Professional Soil Scientists or Soil Classifiers): Sign the CEU tracking form at the registration desk in the morning and sign out at the end of the day - must sign in and out each conference day.

8 a.m. –  Where’s your Fit in Sustainable Agriculture?
Mitchell Hora, an Iowa farmer and data/soil health consultant, will challenge your thinking about the short-term profits and long-term value of your farm—with the end goal of sustainable production in mind. He’ll examine the current industry status, where opportunities lie, changes in the supply chain and production transparency and connecting with the consumer. And he’ll offer a look at his work in South Africa.

8:50 a.m. – Smart Session (Sentera)

9 a.m. – Breakout sessions
Take your pick from three hot topic areas: 

1. Finding Value in Aggregation
What’s the best seeding rate for this field and hybrid?  Should soil pH rule the world?  Mike Manning, Premier Crop Systems, will discuss how agronomic data aggregation and being part of system can create real value for growers’ agronomic decisions. Mike will demonstrate how to create real knowledge by analyzing a depth of complex, quality, locally generated group data, and how it can be used to make more profitable agronomic decisions. 

2. Return on Investment with Data Layers
Playing off his Gigabyte main session talk, Trey Colley goes deeper in the weeds on critical data layers (and hurdles) to help farmers improve ROI for corn and soybean production, and how to build on profitability with digital ag technology. He’ll also bring in Ohio State University’s farm manager Nate Douridas perspective on key data utilization. 

3. Improve Soil, the Right Way
Mitchell Hora, Iowa farmer and data/soil health consultant, will help you improve soils by examining farmer results. He’ll look at next-level tech soil assessment, products/practices to build soil health, document crop/product quality, examine new market fit/profitability, and provide the resources to get you started.

10 a.m. - TRADE SHOW BREAK - Visit sponsors' exhibits and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

10:30 a.m. - Breakout sessions
Take your pick from three hot topic areas:

1. How GIS tools and data increase variable rate success
Kyle Mehmen, general manager of MBS Family Farms, offers a deep-dive look at their challenges and successes using GIS tools and quality data to improve variable rate prescriptions on fertility, seeding and more. 

2. Tech and your soil
Have you looked beyond the trees to find the forest in nutrient management? Jeremy Wilson, farmer and precision technology advisor for CropIMS, has been exploring numerous tools that examine soils—from pH and OM to soil available N, soil EC and more. Learn what he found that led to his ‘Aha’ moment to improve his yields. 

3. Setting up on-farm research that matters
Sarah Windhorst, Premier Crop Systems, will highlight specific types of prescription on-farm research, how to automate it and how to derive profitable decisions from the data – using case studies to prove more value per acre.

11:30 a.m. Lunch

12:40 p.m. - Protect Your Seed Investment From the Start (sponsored by FMC)
Discover how growers are enhancing seedling defense with the novel 3RIVE 3D application system. The system converts traditional high-volume, in-furrow applications to low-volume applications. It takes mere ounces to cover an acre and you can protect up to 480 acres in a single fill. Molecule and machine combine to protect your crop from insects and disease with more efficiency while saving you water, fuel, labor and time.

1:30 p.m. - Making Every Acre Profitable
Every farmer knows there are areas of every field that drive down whole-field profits. Why not change these losing acres? Dave Muth, founder of AgSolver now with EFC Systems and Tom Buman, founder of Agren (recently sold to Land ‘O Lakes) will challenge your thinking on different practices—from variable-rate inputs to soil improvement strategies—that can build your per-acre profits.

2:20 p.m. - Meeting recap

2:30 p.m. - Adjourn


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